May Update!

Wow. It feels like yesterday that I started on this ten month journey just a few days ago, but here we are 9 months later headed into the final month! This time as a campus ministry apprentice has been such a life giving experience for me. I've learned so much about myself and have been able to grow in my character and my faith. I know I say this every time, but I could not do this with out the people who have been supporting me in prayer and financially. Let's see what happened in April!

This year, a donor gave us a generous amount of money to be used specifically for outreach events. We've done a lot of cool things throughout the year, but the event pictured above definitely takes the cake in my opinion! We played "bubble soccer" and it was an instant hit. This reminded me that doing ministry is something that is so much fun. I just got to be a goofball for an hour while meeting new students and inviting them to other events we had! And what's really cool is the staff next year will get to use them too! 

One of our staff members, Brittany, has a daughter named Willow that turned one this past month! Our whole staff celebrated with them and I got this cute picture of her eating cake. You may be thinking, "well yeah she's cute but why are you putting a picture of her" I realized how important it is to surround your kids with a Godly and uplifting community at such a young age. I was thinking a lot this month about my upcoming marriage and our future. I realized that being in a community of Godly people is going to be so important for the rest of my life.

Doing 1:1 and 2:1 ministry has been a big bulk of what I have done this year. It has been so so so cool to see God transform the lives of those I've gotten to meet with and especially my own life. Meeting with these students (sometimes with my dog Benji) has helped me grow so much. It's challenged me to think in ways that I never had before. I've loved meeting with these students this year and I'm so sad that this chapter of our lives is coming to an end, but I'm very excited to continue my friendship with them in a new way!

Sorry that this picture is a little dark! We had our annual fundraiser, Spring Showcase, early in April! This picture was from the last song that everyone performed together. Every year I'm blown away by the talented people that we have in our community! Spring Showcase happens every year to raise money for students to go to a leadership conference in Washington called SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry). It is such an important experience for our student leaders, and it would not be possible without this fundraiser. It was such a great time!

Lastly, here is a little picture of my soon-to-be family! Kristin has been so supportive of me this year during my apprenticeship. She did the apprenticeship a couple of years ago when we first started dating, so that has been super helpful for our relationship since she knows some of things I'm going through. I'm super excited to marry her in June! This year of ministry has reminded me to keep God centered in our relationship. That we need to grow closer together as we grow closer to God. This is an exciting time in our lives with last minute wedding planning and planning for our future together. If you could please pray for our upcoming marriage and life together, it would be greatly appreciated!

I don't know if I can say thank you enough to everyone that has supported me this year. It's been such a great experience for me and hopefully for those around me. All glory to God!

In Christ,
Ryan Reynolds

Here is our Student Testimony for this month!


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