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And So It Begins!

If you would have asked me when I started college that upon graduation I would be working as a campus minister, I would have told you that you were crazy! But God works in super cool ways and here I am, an ordained campus minister.

We have 12 apprentices that will be serving on our FOCUS staff this school year across our 11 campuses. It's been so muchfun getting to know them over the summer and I'm so excited to get to work closely with them! Above is a not so serious picture of us on our official first day!

For four days, our entire staff of almost 40 (!!!) spent time together at our staff retreat. It was so encouraging to hear stories from various staff members on how God called them to be campus ministers. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know some of the staff that I did not know well. Getting to be around such a positive, friendly group of people has made the transition on to FOCUS staff seamless.

Last week I moved to Denton and I'm so so excited to be there! God is do…