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September Update!

I can't believe that a month has already gone by! My transition to Denton has been seamless and I feel like I'm fitting in great. So many great things happened this month so I'm going to dive right in and hit the highlights!

Move-In Day
Above is a picture of me and some student leaders from UNT move in day! We got to volunteer as a student organization to help students move in to their dorms. It made me so happy to see the reactions of students and their families when they saw that we were there to help them. I was also so proud of our students who gave up their weekend to come serve these students. It was a great way to invite people to all of the stuff that we were doing during Welcome Week!

As you can see above, we like to have fun! Every week on Tuesday and Friday, we do outreach during the day to meet new students. We've used that big beach ball and it has made me feel like a little kid again! I feel that God truly works through us during this time. So ma…