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April Update!

Hey everyone! I am so excited that Spring is here and the weather is starting to get better. March was a fun month filled with exciting things so let's see what happened!

 As you can see, this is more pizza than I could consume by myself, so I decided to share it with a few hundred of my closest friends at TWU! We did an outreach event where we bought pizza to just give away, no strings attached. This was a great way for us to meet students on the TWU campus! It was a great way to serve those students while getting to meet them at the same time. One of my favorite events all year!

This is a picture of our students at our weekly fellowship meeting that is on Friday evenings. We recently switched to a different room, and all of the students have loved it so far! It is quite a bit smaller so it makes for a more intimate worship setting. Friday Night Fellowship has been one of my favorite things we do all year. I get to see a lot of students I don't normally see throughout the wee…