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March Update!

Hey everyone! March is here! February flew by and a lot of encouraging things happened! I want to thank everyone who is supporting me this year, I couldn't do this without y'all! Let's see what happened this past month!

We started a new sermon series towards the end of February titled "Pillow Talk". During this sermon series we are focusing on various topics relating to sex and relationships. For our first week of this sermon series, we did a dating panel! We had students submit questions anonymously and had our panel answer them. I think that dating in a Godly manner is a super important topic that doesn't get talked about enough!  

This is Garvin! He is one of the student leaders that I get to meet with every week. Garvin brings me a lot of joy and is such a blessing in my life. He recently graduated in December with a degree in Marketing, but is continuing in his role as a core facilitator (corefa) for the rest of the school year. Garvin is doing his alter…