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October Update!

Hello everyone!

Another month is in the books and the time has just flown by! I've been so encouraged in my time so far and I'm excited to share about it with all of you! Here we go!

 Pictured above is one of my favorite outreach events that we do! We built this structure and play a game called 9-square. It attracts a lot of students and is a great way for us to talk to students! We spend several hours a week doing facilitated outreach at various times doing various things, and it is so encouraging! I love getting to watch our students have fun while doing the Lord's work. It reminds me why I love my job so much!

This is our staff plus a couple of significant others! We took some time this past month to have some fun together (on top of all of the fun we have doing ministry). I love all of these people so so so much. I consider them family and I'm so blessed that I get to work with them each and every day! They challenge and encourage me in various ways that help me gr…